Insomniac Introduces Cashless Wristbands for EDC Orlando

If you’re attending EDC Orlando, you’re about to add one more bracelet your festival collection! According to Insomniac’s website, EDC Orlando attendees will be the first to try out a new RFID-equipped wristband:

“This year, EDC Orlando is incorporating a cashless payment system that will allow you to purchase food, drinks, merchandise, locker access, and everything else at the event with a simple tap of your RFID-equipped wristband.”

The new system is cleverly called “Daisy Dollars” and requires revelers to activate their bracelets online prior to entering the festival gates:

“Before arriving at EDC Orlando, activate your wristband online. Follow the on-screen instructions to create your account and add funds. Your account links with the RFID chip in your wristband to make purchases at the festival as simple as a swipe. And you can log on any time to track your spending, download receipts, deactivate lost wristbands, apply for a refund, and much more. Daisy Dollars can also be added to your account at the event. We call it “topping up,” and stations will be located throughout the festival grounds to help process these transactions.”

Several festivals around the country including Coachella, Mystery Land and TomorrowWorld have been using similar RFID bracelets and are a fan favorite (who doesn’t like festival bracelets?!). Insomniac promises to refund any unused money on the bracelet but will have to charge a $4.50 fee in order to do so. Notably, this fee is $0.50 less than some other festivals.

Once you receive your festival, go ahead and activate it! If you have any questions, use the hashtag #EDCRID on Twitter or send an email to Also, check out the video below about the bracelets and view this FAQ from Insomniac.

We’re excited to see how this works out in hopes of seeing these new bracelets at EDC Las Vegas 2015 and possibly future Insomniac shows.

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