Interview: Hi I’m Ghost’s Nathan Davis On Their Love For DnB, Metal, & Halloween

Hi I’m Ghost is the spookiest duo in the already spooky genre called riddim. The project is headed by two friends Nathan Davis and Tiago Nunez with Davis taking the reins for performances.

Their dark and heavy bass has landed them acclaim from some huge names like Virtual Riot and Excision, even opening for them on their high-profile tours. Hi I’m Ghost also just finished their own debut headline tour this year, where they introduced “Hi I’m House”, their exciting new house music alias.

We interviewed Nathan Davis right after his headbanging performance at Nocturnal Wonderland. His bright hair was further reflected in his bright personality as we talked about their love for DNB and metal and their upcoming ambitious Halloween mix. Read below:

EDM Maniac: You recently finished your first headline tour. How does it feel to travel the country and have the audience primarily there for you?

Hi I’m Ghost: It’s amazing! I remember coming off of our first show and it was like a “Holy fuck this is real?” moment. And it’s really cool to see all the fans there.

EDM Maniac: Your most recent single “Hostage” with Vastive has a metal/rock influence. Have you always been into rock?

Hi I’m Ghost: Yes, both me and Thiago have been super into rock and metal. We both came from that background and Vastive did as well. I’m influenced by Black Light Burns, and Interpol. For Tiago it’s more like Metallica and Korn, stuff like that.

EDM Maniac: You collaborated on “Misfits” with KJ Sawka, best known to bassheads for his drum skills in both Pendulum and Destroid. How did this come about?

Hi I’m Ghost: That was a long time ago! I think that was like 2018 or 2017. We knew him for a long time when we started working on that EP. We thought it would be cool if we put a bunch of drums on it and so we hit him up and that was one of the most fun times we had writing an EP.

EDM Maniac: What are your thoughts about DNB and would you/have you ever produced it or would you ever?

Hi I’m Ghost: We’ve produced Drum and Bass; I actually got into electronic music through drum and bass. In the states it’s starting to get there. There are new kids like REAPER really pushing it forward. I think it might make a resurgence and I love it. We play it once in a while, but not as much as we wish we could.

EDM Maniac: You also announced the “Hi I’m House” house music alias while on tour. What’s the process like producing house versus bass?

Hi I’m Ghost: I don’t want to make it sound bad, but it’s a lot more fun *laughs*. When we are doing dubstep it’s very tedious and technical and a lot of pulling our hair out.

But with house it’s just us bouncing around and having fun. We got to announce the “Hi I’m House” alias and opened with it on our own tour. We are going to put out an EP probably sometime next year.

EDM Maniac: Does one come more easily to you?

Hi I’m Ghost: House definitely comes more easily to us. We both actually started out making house.

EDM Maniac: You’ve had some incredible support from huge artists like Krewella, R3HAB, Excision, and Virtual Riot. Who are some of your biggest influences in the music industry?

Hi I’m Ghost: My biggest influence in EDM are probably Space Laces and Skrillex and more generally She Wants Revenge, Interpol, and Black Light Burns.

EDM Maniac: Are there any underground artists who inspire you as well?

Hi I’m Ghost: Jiqui, Ruvlo, and Vastive. All these amazing people are killing it.

Image from Darkslides

EDM Maniac: You’ve played some of the biggest bass festivals in the world like Lost Lands and Forbidden Kingdom. What has been your biggest “pinch me I’m dreaming” moment so far?

Hi I’m Ghost: My biggest pinch-me moment was on the Excision tour last year. We were in Phoenix and after our set, I was watching Excision play and I was like, “Oh fuck, I remember being 15 and listening to his Shambhala remixes.

I feel like we just get caught up. At least for me touring just kind of happened and this was what I wanted to do since I was 15 and that was definitely my pinch-me moment.

EDM Maniac: What would be your dream festival or event to perform at?

Hi I’m Ghost: The venue I want to play the most is Red Rocks but for festivals probably one of the EDCs. I also really want to play at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. It’s beautiful.

EDM Maniac: With Halloween coming up, do you have any spooky plans, shows, or new releases coming up?

Hi I’m Ghost: We have releases coming, but in October we always do a mix on Halloween. This year’s theme is 333 so we are doing 333 songs in 33 minutes and 33 seconds. It’s really difficult. But I’d just like to say for any producers out there have fun, fuck it up, fuck around, and be yourself.

All images from Hi I’m Ghost and PhaseShft Management

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