Meet Dreamstate Live Stream Host and Trance Powerhouse: Kristina Sky (EXCLUSIVE)

Tonight is the first-ever debut of Dreamstate Virtual Rave-A-Thon, the newest virtual festival as part of Insomniac’s Rave-A-Thon series. Dreamstate takes place each fall at the famed NOS Events Center in beautiful Southern California. We were lucky enough to catch up with the Dreamstate Virtual Rave-A-Thon host Kristina Sky to ask a few questions prior to tonight’s live stream event. Kristina Sky is a local Los Angeles DJ well-known for her melodic yet energetic trance combined with progressive house. As a host for the first ever Dreamstate live stream, she is certain to bring the energy and positive vibes right to your living room!


EDM Maniac: Thanks for speaking with us! Is this the first time being a host for a large event?

Kristina Sky: It is! Before the virus, DJs did their thing, and hosts did theirs. But it’s exciting to be thrown into something different!

EDM Maniac: How did you get started as a DJ?

Kristina Sky: We don’t have enough time for that long story, but in a nutshell – I obsessively collected imported vinyl for a couple of years to build my collection, then learned how to actually mix the records (a bit backward some have said). I then started making mixtapes for friends, who then dragged me out to play my first rave in the mountains of Southern California, and after that very first gig I was hooked, and the rest is history!

EDM Maniac: That’s amazing! What is your personal favorite event to attend as a guest (rather than as a performer)?

Kristina Sky: Coachella for sure!

EDM Maniac: And of course as an artist, what is your favorite venue that you have played?

Kristina Sky: Probably Fabric London! Absolute maze of a venue. Different rooms at every twist and turn. Underground vibes. Legendary venue. I just loved everything about it!

EDM Maniac: Are there any DJs or producers that inspire you?

Kristina Sky: Paul Oakenfold, Solarstone, Paul van Dyk, Deep Dish, and Sasha were huge influences to me early on. I still play their albums from 20 years ago – timeless stuff! Currently, though, I’m a huge fan of Paul Sawyer & David Broaders’ sound. They make some of the most beautiful music that’s out there right now and they’re kind of under the radar so go check them out!

EDM Maniac: Any advice you can provide for up-and-coming artists as inspiration?

Kristina Sky: Really dive deep into your genre(s) of choice. Go back in time and research tracks that came out before you started and build a comprehensive collection of tunes. But most importantly, just be yourself and let the music guide you!

EDM Maniac: What have you been up to during lockdown?
Kristina Sky: Spending some much-needed quality time with my cats, cooking, better organizing my 10,000 piece vinyl collection, spring cleaning and fixing things around the house, and of course…writing new music!

EDM Maniac: Any fun activity suggestions for fans during quarantine?
Kristina Sky: Learn how to cook things you didn’t know how to cook before. I’ve always loved popovers so I finally learned how to make them. It was kind of hard, to be honest, but so rewarding to enjoy the fruits of your labor. I’ve also been spending an obscene amount of time building a mega theme park in Rollercoaster Tycoon Touch. Fun game to pass time!

Tune in to the Dreamstate Virtual Rave-A-Thon from 8pm to 2pm PST for the perfect Friday night party! The lineup includes Alpha 9, Christopher Lawrence, Gabriel & Dresden, Infected Mushroom, Jason Ross, Kristina Sky, Paul Oakenfold, Spencer Brown, and a surprise guest! As always, Insomniac will be bringing their full production complete with stages, lights, and more. For those that want to party along with their favorite DJs, head to the official Zoom party.

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