Joseph Capriati’s Injuries Considered “Not Life-Threatening”

Over this past weekend, Joseph Capriati was involved in an incident with his father which resulted in Capriati sustaining stab wounds. Capriati’s management company, Parallel, released a statement saying, “We want to reassure you that Joseph’s injuries are not life-threatening and he sends you all a big and warm hug.”

The stabbing occurred last Friday night (January 8) when Capriati got into a verbal altercation with his mother. When the altercation heightened, Capriati’s father attempted to intervene and in turn, got punched. In retaliation, it is reported that Capariati’s father then stabbed his son with a kitchen knife and then was then immediately rushed to the hospital.

Capriati’s father has been arrested for attempted murder.

Feature Photo – Joseph Capriati – FaceBook
Source – DJ Mag

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