Bass Violinist Josh Teed Releases ‘Recurring Dreams’ LP

A true musician with over 20 years of classical training, Josh Teed returns to Gravitas Recordings with his highly anticipated genre-merging experimental bass LP Recurring Dreams.

Picking up a violin at the age of three, Teed hit the ground running, making it very clear where his life was heading when he won the Florida Fiddle Championship at the age of nine.

This talented musician blurs the line between electronic and live music, using his strong musical talent and breaking through the dark deep realm of experimental bass. His live sets incorporate violin, didgeridoo, and live analog synthesis, assuring every set he plays is intimate.

Recurring Dreams was a labor of love, taking just over 2 years to finish. The vision behind it was to push the envelope in regards to the marriage of instrumentalism and melody, with experimental sound design and heavy bass. There is an immense range throughout the project, from dark and heavy tunes to the beautiful and ethereal side, I wanted it to encompass the full range of emotion.” Teed expresses in a recent press release about the LP. 

Nightmare Sonata opens up the album with beautiful violin, horns, and instruments, slowly building into a heavy bass drop setting the vibe for this album’s voyage. The title track, “Recurring Dreams” showcases the more chill and ethereal side Teed is exposing while still building into a glitchy heavy drop that effortlessly incorporates the original violin.

Stream the full Recurring Dreams LP below:

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