South Africa’s Chee Releases Sinister Single, “Act Like you Know”

Born in South Africa but based out of Philly, Chee has been smashing through the bass community with his eerie but riveting experimental elements. Honoring his unique sound, Chee, real name, Lesego Milangeni, just released “Act Like you Know,” the second single from his forthcoming album on Deadbeats.

Milangeni told Dancing Astronaut in an interview that it all started when he was walking down the street in 2010 with his good friend Jon Casey, and they heard bass music for the first time. He hasn’t been able to shake the obsession since, as he has allowed electronic music to unlock so many different levels of creativity within him.

After grinding hard for years studying sound design, Milangeni quickly gained light on the Chee project when he released the EP ‘Shrodinger‘ on the Dutch label Underslung. Not allowing one genre to hold him back, doors soon began to open for Milangeni, droppings experimental bass tracks on labels like Deadbeats and D&B tracks on labels like CLOSE2DEATH Records.

With “Act Like you know,” Milangeni sticks with his signature swooping basslines, but this time fitted around a sinister hip-hop beat with a synth melody that sneaks in to slowly evolve through the track.

His new album is scheduled to drop in February 2023, and Milangeni also designed the track artwork and the visuals inspired by personal imagery. Listen to “Act Like you Know” in full below:




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