Mathame Drops Thrilling New Single “So What”

The Italian brother-duo Mathame, have just released their single “So What” on Astralwerks in collaboration with their mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi.

The track embodies the brothers’ dark signature sound. The track begins with grungy distorted vocals and then immerses the listener into the melodic elements as the kick and the hats come in. Shortly after Mathame introduces dark bouncy atmospheric synths that drift the listener into the unknown.

Mathame said, “With ‘So What’ we wanted to achieve the maximum sound pressure and sound stress on every element of the composition, and maintain an impactful emotion, developing our dynamic tempo expressive signature sound in unknown territories.”

Mathame’s musical talent channels the beautiful yet desolate atmosphere of Sicily’s active volcano, Mt. Etna, the place where the brothers’ joint project was born.

Mathame gained huge global recognition with debut EP releases on Afterlife, including “Nothing Around Us”, followed up by “Skywalking”, and “For Every Forever”.

Listen to “So What” by Mathame below:


Featured image from Mathame

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