Jukely: The Concert Membership For Music Fans

We’re excited to announce an exclusive offer with Jukely.

Jukely is a service that allows users to attend multiple concerts for a once a month payment. For $25 a month, members can claim a spot on the guest list for shows that are partnered with Jukely.

Shows become available to you within a rolling 3-day window. New shows are added every day and last minute shows are added throughout the day. You can browse through the list of shows and when you find one that you are interested in you can claim a spot on the guest list, and go!

If you’re a music lover who appreciates shows and checking out artists you are not familiar with, you will get your money’s worth out of this service. The service is available in 16 cities including Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Chicago and more.

We are issuing 50 codes for EDM Maniac followers to get a free subscription for Jukely! Use code MANIAC7 at jukely.com for $25 off (first month free).

Jukely is available on Android and iOS devices.

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