Charlotte De Witte’s KNTXT Branches Out With Digital-Only Sub-Label, RPM

Charlotte De Witte’s record label, KNTXT, is branching off into a new sublabel entitled RPM. This new arm of De Witte’s “techno concept” as she calls it, will be digital only and will celebrate and support emerging talent.

In a statement on their social media, the label said, “To meet the demand of the ever-evolving electronic music scene and increase the creative output of our KNTXT label, RPM should provide artists a more agile platform to release music. It aims to offer a flexible test circuit for producers both emerging or established, to experiment with contemporary sounds, free from the latency in vinyl production.”

The label currently features some of the most well-known names in techno like Indira Paganotto, Alignment, ONYVAA, and of course boss Charlotte De Witte. Some artist features on their showcases include I Hate Models, Hiroko Yamamura, and, more recently, Four Tet.

No artists have been announced for the RPM label yet, but in March of 2021, KNTXT did accept demo submissions, so it’s possible some of her favorite submissions could make it on the new imprint.

Check out the KNTXT announcement of RPM below:


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Featured image from Charlotte De Witte

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