Manic Focus of WAKAAN Releases New Wavy and Wonky EP, ‘Future Flux’

The Minnesota-born experimental bass artist, Manic Focus, just released Future Flux, a new EP under Liquid Stranger’s record label, WAKAAN. The lead single of the EP, “Back From The Future” was released back in February, giving fans a glimpse of the weird and wonky release that was released Friday, March 11. Future Flux contains five total tracks, two of them having collaborations with artists Ahee and K+Lab. The whole EP has a very unique sound that will make one create the nastiest bass face while grooving to some drippy dub beats.

Manic Focus stepped into his creative and dark side of music production with Future Flux and says, “This EP is an exploration into the heavier side of the Manic Focus vision.  In recent years, I have performed with many Wakaan artists, and their styles have inspired me to dive deeper into sound design and arrangement to create exciting synths and textures that I haven’t previously included in my compositions.”

Click here to listen to Future Flux and check out the list of tracks below:

  1. Bonkers
  2. Back From The Future
  3. Right To Left
  4. Nerve Center
  5. Let It Go


FEATURED PHOTO From Instagram @manicfocus

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