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Markus Schulz Reveals Album Inspiration, Creative Process And More (Interview)

Titled ‘Watch The World,’ details about the upcoming Markus Schulz album are about as mysterious as it’s name. However, we were lucky enough to sit down with Markus during Miami Music Week to get more details about his creative process, the new album and more.

Markus’ new album will be released under both Black Hole Recordings and Schulz’ own label, Coldharbour Recordings. We also know a few of the tracks to be included on the upcoming album like his Beatport #1 “Destiny,” as well as his remix of the Soundland collaboration “Face Down.”

As for the tour? Markus Schulz is set to perform on 11 different dates, 5 of which are in the United States. It all starts off with two of Schulz’ famous Open-to-Close sets, one taking place at London’s Ministry of Sound on April 8th and the other at Switzerland’s Hall of Fame on April 9th. Then, Schulz will hold off until the album’s release date (April 29th) to celebrate right here in Los Angeles at Exchange LA!

Check out out our exclusive interview with Markus down below as we get ready for the release of his new album!

EDM Maniac: So your new album “Watch The World” is coming out soon and you played a huge role with this one. Tell us what we can expect.

Markus Schulz: Well, you know, when I was younger, I used to do a lot of creative writing, and I was quite good at it. I was encouraged, the teachers really encouraged me a lot, but then I started producing and DJing and you know you start taking that creativity and you start putting it into twisting the knobs, making the sounds, making the melodies.

But with this album it was the first time I really got back to the creative writing, writing the words. I worked very closely with all the singers, crafting the words, the stories, the message in the songs, and that’s why this album is really really special to me. It’s not just my melodies, my beats, but also my words as well, so yeah. I guess it’s this is the next chapter in my life, as an artist I think.

EDM Maniac: Do you think that’s part of the evolution process?

Markus Schulz: Like I said, I used to do a lot of creative writing when I was young, you know, short stories and stuff like that. And, so it takes a different part of your brain to do this creative writing, so. I don’t know for everybody, but at the same time it’s very satisfying. To stand on stage, in front of 20,000 people, and not just have your melody resonate out, but your words and your message as well.

EDM Maniac: Will you tell us a little bit about what sort of stories you’re talking about, or where it’s coming from?

Markus Schulz: Yeah, each one has a different story. For example, you’ve already heard the track “Destiny,” and that was a track kind of from my personal relationship that I wrote. And then, for example, one of the singles called “Summer Dream” where I sat down with the writer and I’m like, ‘Listen, this is what I’m envisioning, Coachella, driving to Coachella and like the whole vibe, trying to capture the vibe of not the actual show, but driving to the show, you know, capture that whole moment.’ So we used the words from that, “Summer Dream,” like I said, helped the inspiration of driving to Coachella.

EDM Maniac: You previewed the album on Groove Cruise from what we’ve heard. What inspired you to do that? Was it kind of in the moment?

Markus Schulz: Well, yeah because there was a lot of the Schulz Army there. It was right before I went to mastering, so I still had time to make any little changes that I felt I needed to make. You know, when you’re in the studio listening to and working, you’re always twisting knobs. Even when you’re listening, you’re changing things. But when you’re playing it for somebody, it’s done. It’s like, ‘here you go.’ And I really needed that first time playing it for everybody to get the vibe.

EDM Maniac: How did that feel?

Markus Schulz: It felt amazing. I mean, people were dancing, people were crying. Some of the songs, people were actually crying to. Like, the message was so powerful and I’m like, ‘this is exactly what I want.’ I want an album that’s emotional and I wanted it, not only did I want those emotions, I didn’t want those emotions to get lost in the melodies sometimes. I wanted it to be part of it, and when I did the listening session, it was important to me because I was able to get the direct feedback right there, just from looking at the expressions. You know, that’s why I’ve been saying that was one of the most enjoyable parts of Groove Cruise. One of, cause Groove Cruise is very enjoyable, even if I didn’t do it, right? But it was one of the most enjoyable parts about this year’s Groove Cruise.

EDM Maniac: Yeah, we were getting a lot of messages from the ship saying, ‘Markus just played his album!’ like ‘I’m flipping out.’ So, the response was really awesome. You were just in LA again for the Open to Close-

Markus Schulz: Ah, my second home, third home, fourth home – what ever it is, LA’s home to me.

EDM Maniac: When you’re there, it’s like, I don’t know, it feels like home… but I know this is your home. What’s special about LA?

Markus Schulz: I think LA’s one of the markets that embraced me at the very beginning, and LA. You know, the EDM scene has generations, and the generations go really fast. But, you look out and you see like 3, 4 generations of your fans when you’re there, so you can really do some special things. Play some, play on the nostalgia, as well as just bang it out and watch all the new fans go crazy and all the old fans are watching the new fans going, you know. Feeding off the energy. So, it’s just a beautiful vibe. And, you know the one thing I love about Avalon is, those walls have soul, those walls tell a story. You know…and it’s like, when I’m there I feel something. It’s almost like church.

EDM Maniac: Feels like church for sure. So you have the new album, and the launch party at Exchange LA. Tell us more about that.

Markus Schulz: I played at Exchange once, but the difference with my Avalon show and the Exchange show, the Exchange show is going to be a real showcase. You know, I’ll bring out some of the singers, and we’re really doing a great showcase and I’m really excited about that. You know, Avalon, it’s like, I need Avalon for my soul. But the Exchange show is going to be something special, because it’s going to be a showcase of my hard work, you know, two years of something very special to me.

EDM Maniac: It took you about 2 years to work on this album?

Markus Schulz: Yeah!

EDM Maniac: That’s crazy. So, this week, you have a lot going on. You’re going to fly out before you play Ultra?

Markus Schulz: Yeah, I’ve got Denver on Friday, Houston for an Open to Close on Saturday and then right back here for Ultra on Sunday.

EDM Maniac: Yeah, what’s it like playing in your hometown, I mean, this is Miami.

Markus Schulz: It’s amazing. Especially, because tonight I’m playing at Space and Space is where you really get to be intimate and you know, you see all these, all my friends are coming, you know, from. I don’t know, I’m just as nervous playing for my friends at Space as I am for Ultra. Because, my friends, you know, it’s like they’re all there, and I don’t know. The one thing I have to say is that when I’m playing here at home, um, for parties like that, I don’t want to put on a show, I want to be part of the party. So, you know what I mean? It’s like, we are. There’s a lot of guys that’ll come in and they’ll just do a “stand up on the decks, put their hands up in the air” and put on a show.

Okay, that’s great. But, when I’m playing Miami at Space, I’m part of the party. You know what I mean? It’s like, Markus is there, my good friend Markus and he’s playing all my favorite songs. That’s the kind of vibe that I like.

EDM Maniac: One of my friends recently just had her baby, I don’t know I think you might’ve seen this, but she named him –

Markus Schulz: Markus! Yes, I got the card, congratulations! I have the card sitting in my studio on the shelf. So it’s really, another generation!

EDM Maniac: For anyone that’s not here, apart of Miami Music Week, what would you tell them? What are they missing? Why should they be here?

Markus Schulz: You know, it’s just a celebration of music. And all kinds of music, you know, and the two busiest times of the year for Miami are Art Basel and when all the artists come in and you see all these beautiful art all over the city, and now Miami Music Week. You know, and it’s a true celebration of all kinds of music. All kinds of showcases, and it’s just something special in the air. The vibe is just amazing. You know, hanging out on the beach for pool parties in the daytime. You know it’s funny, it’s like the entire summer season of Vegas rolled into one week here in Miami.

EDM Maniac: It’s like Ibiza, but not. Right?

Markus Schulz: It’s an entire season of Ibiza in one week!

EDM Maniac: Markus, we know you have to run, but thanks for speaking with us and we look forward to the new album and seeing you back in LA!


Watch The World’s Album Release Shows

April 08 – London, UK – Ministry of Sound (Open to Close)
April 09 – Wetzikon, Switzerland – Hall of Fame (Open to Close)
April 29 – Los Angeles, CA – Exchange
April 30 – San Francisco, CA – Audio
May 05 – Washington, DC – Soundcheck
May 06 – Miami, FL – Heart
May 07 – New York, NY – Cielo
May 13 – Dubai – Zero Gravity
May 14 – Istanbul, Turkey – Garaj
May 20 – Munich, Germany – Neural
May 21 – Prague, CZ – Club Sasazu(Open to Close)

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