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Mathame Releases Interstellar Single “Come For You”

Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli, the Italian brothers in dance better known as Mathame, have released their newest single “Come For You” on Astralwerks Records. The floating ambient vocals within the track complement the luscious pads that carry the listener through their interstellar journey. Their latest single pairs with a fascinating music video with powerful visuals, directed by Thomas Vanz.

As a child, Matteo learned how to play the piano and took up DJing clubs in his teenage years. Then he moved to Milan to learn film directing. The younger brother Amedeo was studying violin, but he was frustrated that he wasn’t making the progress hoped for. Mathame came into existence where the brothers started learning and working on their terms on the captivating slopes of an active stratovolcano in Sicily, Italy.

“Our parents bought a farm in a forest near the foot of Mount Etna. It was a life-changing choice and a bit crazy. But we moved with them to help build the business. We were in the forest, alone. Except for the guests, we didn’t know anyone. We were deeply affected by the place. You live in the clouds. There’s no grass, just lava. It looks like Mars,” Mathame said in an interview with Beatportal

If Mount Etna wasn’t erupting, it sure felt like it was going to soon as the brothers could feel their chest tighten. The brothers surroundings impacted how they produce music.


Listen to the latest single on Spotify below:


Featured image from Mathame

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