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New Ghost EP From Ookay Out NOW on Dim Mak

Ookay has quickly become a household name with his heavy-hitting bass sound, but don’t him fool you,  that’s not all he’s capable of. Okay’s new five-track GHOST EP is out now on Dim Mak and showcases a melodic and feel-good vibe that only Ookay can skillfully deliver. His new EP features an incredibly different and remarkably diverse sound that transcends some of the typical bass-centric sounds we’re all so used to hearing today.

He brings a ton of new and fresh energy to this new EP which certainly leads us to believe he’s got so much more to offer. Check the tracklisting here:

Ghost EP Tracklisting:

1. Ookay – Ghost
2. Ookay – Egg Drop Soup
3. Ookay – Drop Et Agen
4. Ookay and Riggi & Piros – Dafuq
5. Ookay – Matters

You can “Egg Drop Soup” here and “Ghost” here and if you’ve got a minute, check out our interview down below to hear his thoughts about the release. You can also catch Okay at the following shows:

12/13 – Pharr Events Center – Pharr, TX
12/20 – Mojoes – Joliet, IL
12/30 – Shrine Expo Hall – Los Angeles, CA

Buy GHOST EP on iTunes, Buy GHOST on Beatport

 EDM Maniac Quick Interview: OOkay

Q: Thanks so much for speaking with us man! Could you tell us a little bit about what you’ve been up to since we last spoke at TomorrowWorld?

It’s been wild! playing more shows and making more music! And I got to spend a little bit of quality time with my family so that was nice.

Q:  We know you have the GHOST EP out, can you tell us a little bit about what you tried to achieve/what can we expect?

It’s my fav EP yet and i’m excited about it! There’s a lot of unexpected surprises in it. Some genres i’ve never tried before. I just wanted to test new waters. I wanted to really challenge myself with making new sounds; so that’s what I did!

Q: Where did you get your inspiration for the EP, and why the exploration of less- heavy trap sounds?

I guess I’ve just made so much of it! And I know i’m really good at it, but thats the problem. I’ve gotten comfortable and making “trap bangers” is too easy for me since it’s all i’ve been really focusing on. 

Q: Do you have any favorite festivals that stick out to you?

EDC Vegas of course. North Coast was amazing as well as SCMF. Spring Awakening. They were all amazing. TomorrowWorld was one of the most unique ones i’ve been to though.

Q: For people that have never heard about you, how would you describe yourself as an artist?

A kooky, outgoing artist with no boundaries and twitter jokes.

Q: Many artists have side projects, do you have any you’re working on that we can look out for?

My evil nemisis COASTER. I hate him and he makes really good music. On the mellow, melodic electronic side. Check him (me) out on

Q: Dance music has had quite an interesting year. Where do you see dance music in 5 years?

I don’t even know where it’ll be tomorrow. That’s the fun thing. I love checking out for new music everyday and see where people are taking dance music. Hopefully 5 times stronger than now. I don’t see how thats even possible.

Q: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

I eat pickles and play counterstrike with Borgore. Push-ups never hurt either. gets the blood pumping.

Q: Any plans for NYE?

I might. A place I hold dear to my heart actually.

Q: Lastly … Favorite video game?

I’m playing destiny right now but ALL TIME? probably Final Fantasy X.

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