Nightclubs In The Netherlands To Open At Full Capacity This Weekend

The Netherlands
Photo / Jaap Beyleveld

Clubs in the Netherlands will begin to reopen Friday, June 25

Clubbers in the Netherlands have received some very exciting news today as the countries local government has decided that starting this Friday, June 25, clubbers will be able to dance the night away without having to wear a mask or follow social distancing measures. The government’s decision to allow clubs to reopen at full capacity on Friday, June 25, is 5 days earlier than expected. The countries previous plan was to allow nightclubs to fully reopen by June, 30, which means that this weekend is going to be a wild one for all of the Netherland’s clubs.

Phase three in the Netherlands was set in place a few weeks ago, which allowed cafes, restaurants and bars the opportunity to offer services indoors. In order for fans to enter the Netherlands nightclubs, they must still present a negative test taken at least 40 hours prior to the event. Once inside the club, party goers will not have to wear a mask or follow any social distancing guidelines. This will be the first time that clubs in the Netherlands will be able to open its doors since March of last year.

Other clubs in the Netherlands are expected to fully reopen within the next couple weeks, including Amsterdam’s RAIDON, which will reopen on July 2.

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