Nora En Pure & Beatport Announce Special Switzerland Livestream

Nora En Pure
Photo / Suzana Paylan

Nora En Pure will perform from Lake Arnen in Gstaad, Switzerland

Nora En Pure and Beatport have just announced a very special collaboration that will feature Nora En Pure performing from Lake Arnen in Switzerland on Friday, June 25 at 17:30 CEST. The special livestream will take place at the majestic Lake Armen in the Swiss Alps which will have breathtaking views of the mountains. The gorgeous mountain views will accompany Nora En Pure’s distinct sound and beautiful beats as Nora En Pure will play a 1.5-hour set that will take viewers on a magical journey through the marvelous Swiss Alps. Nora En Pure described her upcoming set with Beatport as such,

“I am really excited about this stream, as it feels like the last chapter of showcasing the music & work we’ve been doing during this time at home before touring recommences. For this one, I wanted to capture more summery vibes, so a mountain lake was a perfect spot, as I usually love to spend summertime at the lakes. I like placing my streams next to a body of water as it really fits the Purified vibe and the flowing water gives motion to the music.”

Nora En Pure’s epic Swiss Alps livestream will be streamed across Facebook and Twitch.

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