ODESZA Just Dropped Their Second Comeback Single, “Better Now”

The return of ODESZA is one the biggest pieces of dance music news in 2022 so far, and the alt-electronic duo have just dropped their second single of the year. The new song is called “Better Now” featuring Portuguese-born singer/songwriter MARO.

Sonically, “Better Now” harnesses an uplifting, indie feel. Instead of employing titanic drums that have defined ODESZA, the beat is light and crisp, tapping in a syncopated yet refined manner. The production supports MARO’s vocals with subtle rhythmic repetitions, creating a foundation for the melody to soar through the air.

“Better Now” follows “The Last Goodbye,” a massive, soulful, four-on-the-floor tune, and the first single from ODESZA to come out this year. Given the significant disparity in sound between these two tracks, the duo clearly hasn’t lost their touch for diversity, and there is no telling what sort of track they will put out next.

Watch the official visualizer for “Better Now” below.

Featured image provided by ODESZA

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