Oliver Heldens Shares Heartfelt message

He’s a good guy that Oliver Heldens.

Shared just a few hours ago on his Facebook page, Oliver Heldens took to social media to share some thoughts on the recent events that have hit him close to home.

Heldens is currently aboard the Norweigan Pearl, where Mad Decent Boat Party is still underway. The boat was rocked with tragedy Thursday night when a woman “intentionally” went overboard. The ship was forced to turn around before reaching Cozumel, Mexico.

Heldens took some time to address both that and the current situation in Paris where nearly 150 people were killed through several planned terrorist attacks.

His thoughts are certainly valid with many during this time and really give us a sense of humanness that we often forget exists. Take a look at his message below:

Feeling kinda strange… I’m stuck on this big party boat, because of a tragic incident (a girl jumped off the boat). The U.S. Coast Guard didn’t allow us to dock and now I’m missing 2 shows and I’m very sad about this. But then the same day that I got this disappointing news, I hear about the tragic stuff happening in Paris which really shocked me. And then at the same time the parties on the boat go on and on, which is an easy distraction from all the sad news, but it feels weird when trying to put things in to perspective. My thought go out to those affected by the tragedies.

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