Paris Hilton Made $347,000 Per Hour This Weekend Pressing Play

Maybe the stars are blind after all. Or perhaps don’t care about talent. Yes, the heiress who rose to infamy following the release of her sex tape is continuing with her global domination of the electronic music scene. Well, at least in Ibiza.

Paris Hilton has started her residency at Amnesia Ibiza. Her “Foam and Diamonds” party was held over the weekend. Hilton received $2.7 million dollars for four nights of work as part of her two-month tour. That works out to be $347,000 an hour, or $5783 per minute. Hilton has been blasted for the outrageous paycheck because she does not do much of the technical work. Hilton pretty much just takes to the DJ booth and presses one button: play. The crowd did not seem to mind that her DJ skills aren’t up to par with say, the ones she has exhibited elsewhere.

“Good for her” some may say. However, while she’s raking in the bucks, one can’t help but wonder where dance music is headed from here..


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