Insomniac Presents Inception Two Year Anniversary at Exchange LA


Most of us know Insomniac for their infamous EDCs and Wonderlands, but if you’re lucky enough to be a Southern California resident you know they also bring the best DJ’s to Los Angeles’s finest nightclubs. This Saturday, Insomniac celebrates two years of hosting its Inception Saturday’s series at the renowned Exchange LA and will be featuring legendary DJ & Producer John Digweed alongside special guest Darin Epsilon.

For those whom haven’t seen John Digweed yet, don’t miss this opportunity. Digweed has been DJing since 15 years old, and at 47 years young his years of experience mesmerizing dance floors tops the age of many of today’s popular DJ’s. Over his extensive career he’s created his own label Bedrock Records, been featured in the movie Groove (Produced in 00’ about a young man taken to his first underground rave in San Francisco where Digweed played himself as a DJ. Worth a watch!), and was consistently voted top 10 in DJ Mag’s Top 100 from 1998-2008 including taking home #1 in 2001. John Digweed is truly a DJ’s DJ so be prepared to go on a magical journey through the beautiful history of EDM.

If you’re unable to catch the big celebration don’t worry too much, Insomniac has no shortage of shows to attend. Whether it’s Noize Fridays and Arcade Saturdays at Create, Awakening Fridays and Inception Saturdays at Exchange LA or maybe San Diego Bassmnt’s Awakening Saturdays; good music is never far away.

Inception Two Year Anniversary with John Digweed

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