Psyko Punkz, MC Lyte, Chris Willis – This Is Your Life – EXCLUSIVE track premiere

Sven Sieperda and Wietse Amersfoort had a chance meeting back in 2008 and bonded over their shared love for Hardstyle music. From this moment on the two have been known to the hard dance community as the one and only Psyko Punkz, becoming one of the fastest growing names in the game. With massive hits like “BassBoom” and “The Words” with Coone, the duo has spread their music around the world making appearances at legendary festivals including Tomorrowland (Marking their 5th appearance this year), the inaugural edition of Tomorrowworld, Qlimax, Hardbass, Defqon. 1 (Netherlands and Australia), and Germany’s Nature One.

With the rapid growth of Hardstyle among the United States, 2011 found Psyko Punkz being voted into the DJ Mag Top 100 debuting at #78 and going on to reach #67 the following year. Fans around the world have become the self-proclaimed “Psyko Soldiers” filling stages by the thousands while dancing to songs like “Psyko Foundation,” many of them even boasting Psyko Punkz related tattoos. Last year the duo helped bring Q-Dance to the United States, playing at the inaugural The Sound of Q-Dance Los Angeles in October further spreading their love for the harder styles to new and uncharted territory.

As the Hardstyle world expands along with the massive growth of the EDM community as a whole, Psyko Punkz has taken the time on their latest track “This Is Your Life” to address an issue that will always be a darker side to the scene: Substance Abuse. The duo composed their half of the pop, rap, hardstyle infused track and sent it off to legendary vocalists MC Lyte and Chris Willis for them to develop a special uplifting message. Psyko Punkz couldn’t have chosen a better two to work with on this track. MC Lyte being a recipient of BET’s “I Am Hip Hop” life time achievement award and Chris Willis who has worked on numerous tracks with David Guetta for years now together put a unique touch on the track which sends a heart touching message and truly sets it aside from most songs.

The music begins and the video depicts a young couple living a drug infused life in Amsterdam City. On the outside the two may seem okay, but as the song continues he realizes drugs have taken over his life, mind, body, and that he’s lost all self-control. With most substance-abuse the good times bring along much darker times, horrible thoughts and feelings taking over as the young man contemplates ending it all with suicide. Then, the song’s uplifting message kicks in, “Be the baddest. Never average. Stay sick. Never Basic. Be original. Don’t trace shit. Live your life. Don’t waste it,” bringing to light all the loving relationships and good times the young man has had and wants to continue having. He realizes you don’t need drugs to enjoy life, but instead find love and happiness in the relationships you make with people around you, or even in the music, but most of all remember “This Is Your Life,” live a long time.

‘As we looked at our repertoire from the past couple of years, we noticed a lot of tracks are about partying it all away, which totally fits the Hardstyle scene, but it’s not what we want to promote to young people all the time’ Wietse explains. ‘Since we have the opportunity to reach millions of people with our music, this is a great opportunity to help raise awareness of drug abuse and show our fans support as they may struggle through these type of rough times’.

We truly applaud all these artists’ efforts into filling a void in the community with a song like this. Many times in our life we can relate a moment to a song, and hopefully this song can shed some much needed light into the scene possibly even becoming someone’s personal anthem for fighting substance-abuse problems. Along with this amazing track release this year, Psyko Punkz has spoken of collaborations in the works with Dope DOD, Rochelle Perts, and will prepare to head out on a US tour later this year. So while we wait, go live your life, don’t waste it!

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