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Quick Chat: Carnage at Nocturnal Wonderland


DJs are pretty busy, especially when they’re at festivals. Tight schedules and press interviews usually keep them occupied, so we are extremely happy when we get a chance to sit down have a “Quick Chat” with them.

This one took place at Nocturnal Wonderland this past September in Southern California presented by Insomniac. We got to speak with DJ Carnage in his trailer right before he went on. It was a fun time, and we’d like to thank Carnage for speaking with us!


EDM Maniac: Carnage!

Carnage: Yo! Yo! What’s up?

EDM Maniac: Not much man; how’s nocturnal going for you so far?

Carnage: I don’t know I’ve just been in my trailer the whole time. (Laughing)

EDM Maniac: So a lot of people have been asking recently what the past couple of months have been like. If you can even find words to even describe the past couple of months how would you describe it?

Carnage: Legendary, rare, beautiful, orgasmic, and wonderful.

EDM Maniac: What’s made it so special? What’s so good about it?

Carnage: Seeing what my music does to people. Really the last couple of months I’ve been realizing the kind of effect my music has had on people.

EDM Maniac: Well I can tell you it for sure has had an effect on me. I remember seeing you at 10 Nightclub in Orange County and at the time this was pre EDC and you were playing a lot of Trap music and EDC came around and a new Carnage kind of evolved. I’ll tell you this much and I’m sure you hear this a lot but I think that set changed a lot of things for you.

Carnage: Oh Totally! If my EDC set didn’t happen I wouldn’t be here right now, I’d probably be playing a five o’clock time slot. I look at as every time I play I go in there to make a statement; good or bad. If I make a statement I’m glad.

EDM Maniac: I remember you saying one time this is a State of Carnage and I’m huge Armin fan and I love trance. To see you actually play trance is amazing.

Carnage: I love trance, that’s what got me into dance music. Above and Beyond: Oceanlab changed my life so I feel I’ve got to pay respect.

EDM Maniac: Honestly, speaking from a fans and a bloggers perspective hearing that set crossed a lot of different genres and I think that’s really creative. What do you think is driving you? Armin always says “Don’t be a prisoner of your own style.”

Carnage: Because I don’t want to be like everybody else. I’m going to be me, I’m going to do whatever I want and play what I like. A lot of these people out there are scared to do anything different. I’m not scared to do anything different. If I like it I’m going to do it.

EDM Maniac: You cross so many different genres and I feel like the world and the scene has watched you evolve.

Carnage: Yeah they have and since day one I’ve wanted the world to see the progress of me and funny enough after my EDC after movie came out a lot of European DJs were hating on me. A lot of known dudes were saying “we don’t like this American DJ.” I just think they’re scared because I’m over here making it happen and if they don’t like it they can suck my &^%$. Quote me on that.

EDM Maniac: We’ll make sure to do that. (Laughing)




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