Radiate Launches Virtual Venue With Radiate Spaces

Although we miss the joys of being in a big crowd squeezing by fellow ravers trying to get to that perfect spot in the crowd, we have the perfect way to emulate that same feeling. Radiate Spaces, part of the Radiate app will be launching this Friday. If you haven’t heard, Radiate is an app that connects users who are going to the same event as one another.

Radiate Spaces will allow a virtual venue to be in place during a live stream event on Youtube or Twitch. This feature will allow fans to meet with one another, dance together, and provoke the spontaneous rave moments we all know and love. 

Radiate Spaces aims to alleviate some of the shortcomings associated with digital events. People yearn for the ability to have more than one person to interact with. They also aim to make it a many-to-many situation instead of one-to-many. The overall goal is to enable interaction while creating a fun and interactive space. 

Check out the launch this Friday and download the Radiate app today.

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