EDM Maniac announces new partnership with Raveolution Recovery Formula

EDM Maniac is happy to announce an exciting new partnership with Raveolution Recovery Formula, and we’re giving away an exlusive PARTY PACK (stickers, merch and samples) to celebrate!

Raveolution Recovery Formula™ was designed to revolutionize the way we replenish essential nutrients and vitamins throughout our bodies while hydrating ourselves.

Many medical incidents at events are related to low levels of electrolytes in your body and staying hydrated is super important to enjoying a night out or festival experience.

Imagine an all-natural powdered beverage mix that’s packed with vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and several other revitalizing ingredients that helps replenish and rejuvenate the body after a late night out, an all day/night music festival! Their unique formula was designed with an emphasis on cleansing both the mind and body, something we could all benefit from.

Starting today you can use discount code EDMMANIAC on raveolutionrecovery.com to get an exclusive discount on this pretty awesome product. We’ve had the chance to try it out over the past few weeks and couldn’t be more excited about it!


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