The xx’s Romy Teams Up With Fred again.. For Emotion-Charged Single, “Strong”

Another long-awaited ID from Fred again..‘s Boiler Room set has dropped. This one is an emotion-charged collaboration with The xx’s Romy entitled “Strong.” For those who have obsessively listened to Fred again..’s past sets, they have been eagerly awaiting the release of this gorgeous song.

The euro-dance-inspired track is an extremely personal piece from Romy about processing grief and leaning on others. “Strong” is only Romy’s second solo track, but her debut solo album us in the works.

The collaboration is accompanied by a stunning music video that is a feat of cinematography and human connection. The video is just under four minutes and was shot continuously and with no cuts, showing the two characters slowly spinning in an embrace.  Lights begin to flash and people show up to dance as if in a nightclub, but amongst the chaos, they hold each other.

Romy said about working with Fred again.., “My friendship with Fred means a lot to me, our closeness helps me to feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically and we definitely connect over our love of songwriting and emotions in dance music. It’s amazing and inspiring seeing and hearing what Fred is doing in his solo work and I’m very excited to be releasing this song together.”

Listen to Romy and Fred again..’s new track “Strong” below:

Featured image from Romy photo credit Vic Lentaigne

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