Shaman & Veteran Rave DJ, Shaman Durek, Drops Remix Package Of Debut Single

Celebrated shaman and veteran rave DJ Shaman Durek just dropped a classic Detroit-and-Chicago-inspired house remix package for his debut single, “My House.”

While this may be his first released single, Shaman Durek has been in the rave scene for nearly three decades, helping grow and promote respected underground parties from San Francisco to New York like the Sunset Parties with Galen & Solar.

He was even VJ on the classic MTV show The Grind with Frankie Knuckles & Louie Vega in the 90s.

Durek said about the influence of house music in his life, “When I came into my own understanding of my bisexuality, I gravitated towards these underground gay parties in SF that were influenced by the music coming out from Detroit and Chicago. Everyone was so free and there was so much excitement, I couldn’t get enough of it!”

His first single “My House” is a tribute to his underground roots from Chicago and Detroit, and the healing power of the music and the community.

The remix package taps the legendary DJ Sneak for an authentic and soulful rework with groovy piano and dirty beats. Single Cell Orchestra also flips the single with a breakbeat twist that is both futuristic and nostalgic.

Listen to the remixes for “My House” by Shaman Durek below:

Feature image credit Jeaneen Lund provided by Magnum PR

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