Skream And Benga Are Releasing New Music In 2022; Their First In Over A Decade

Dubstep legends Skream and Benga are making music again. Over 10 years after they last came together for a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, Skream, real name Oliver Jones, has been sharing the news of the collaboration with his old mate over the past few weeks via his Twitter account.

The first tweet came on December 26, 2021 where Jones confirmed the collaboration. Later that day, Jones shared another tweet claiming the pair had already completed two tracks.

In the third tweet which came on January 7, 2022, Jones touted the immense talent of his old friend and cohort, and most recently Jones shared that the pair have 12 tracks they are ready to release. That could mean a full-length album is in the works.

Skream and Benga are the most iconic duo in dubstep. Together they pioneered the grinding, scraping, wobbly synths that define the genre. The two haven’t released new music since 2003, but their reverence among the electronic music community persists to this day.

Check out the full series of tweets from Jones’ Twitter below.

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