New ‘SoundCloud Go’ Service Boasts 125M+ Tracks, Off-Line Streaming, & More

It’s been a long-waited arrival, but the SoundCloud streaming platform has finally debuted it’s paid subscription service, SoundCloud Go.

“SoundCloud Go is the same SoundCloud you’ve known for years taken to the next level: with an expanded catalog of tracks that are new to the platform, new features and new functionality,” the company announced Tuesday. Available only in the United States right now, the new service boasts over 125 million tracks (4 times the amount of some competitors) and features off-line and ad-free streaming. SoundCloud Go also claims to be an improved resource for those creating music, featuring “algorithm-fueled discovery features” and a discounted rate for their initial 6 months of subscription. Pricing is average at $9.99 a month, though it’s $12.99 if you purchase via the iOS app, and they’re also offering a free 30-day trial.

After numerous reports of a struggle to establish partnerships with major record labels, SoundCloud Go is SoundCloud’s latest effort to compete with other leading streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. The initial reviews have varied, though Engadget claims it’s a “mess,” calling it a “chore to use.” But with 175 million monthly listeners already on it’s free service, you can’t count SoundCloud Go out yet. With time, reorganization, and consumer reports, SoundCloud Go has the potential to become a brute new force in the streaming arena.

You can learn more about the service and start your free trial of SoundCloud Go here.

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