Want To Party For 120 hours? Come Aboard Groove Cruise Cabo!

I went on Groove Cruise LA last year for the first time. It was the most amazing weekend I’ve ever had, and that says a lot. After going to music festivals across the nation for over a decade, I will say Groove Cruise was the craziest weekend of my life.

If you missed out, you should definitely check out Groove Cruise Cabo 2016! Cabins and suites are on sale now. GC Cabo sets sail October 28th from San Diego and returns on November 2nd. You’ll be treated to 120 hours of non-stop beats, ten sunrises and sunsets and make some memories that will last a lifetime.

Passengers will be treated to luxurious accommodations including 16 extraordinary dining options and a full spa and fitness center aboard the Norwegian Sun. The ship will dock overnight in Cabo San Lucas on October 30, allowing passengers to explore Cabo’s iconic white sand beaches and colonial architectural landmarks, and even zip-line through the region’s famed canyons before returning to a Groove Cruise hosted private beach party. So, join the GC Family and book your cabin NOW before it sells out!

*Save up to $100 with the code EDMMANIAC*

Watch the Groove Cruise Cabo Official Teaser:

Book your suite, balcony, or upgraded stateroom now:

This will be one party you won’t want to miss. TRUST.


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