STMPD Releases 3 ID’s From Martin Garrix’s Tomorrowland NYE Set

This week, STMPD Records released 3 of Martin Garrix’s ID’s from his Tomorrowland NYE performance. After Garrix’s NYE performance, fans took to social media to see if anyone could identify the ID’s in Garrix’s set. One of the ID’s that fans revealed was by MNNR and titled, ‘Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’. ‘Can’t Hurt Me Anymore,’ is available now to stream on all platforms.

Stram MNNR: ‘Can’t Hurt Me Anymorehere.

The second ID in Garrix’s set was identified as Aspyer’s, ‘Symphony.’ This track is inspired by Aspyrer’s 14-year-old dreams where he attempted to combine electronic music with violins. The first demo of the violin was actually recorded on Aspyer’s iPhone at home.

Stream Aspyer’s, ‘Symphony’ here.

The third and fourth ID’s that Garrix rinsed throughout his Tomorrowland NYE set were Julian Jordan, ‘Big Bad Bass’ and Ytram & Elderbrook’s – ‘Fire (KAIOS remix). Both of these tracks offered their own unique sound designs and had fans pondering who had produced them.

Stream Julian Jordan, ‘Big Bad Basshere.

Stream Ytram & Elderbrook’s – ‘Fire‘ (KAIOS remix) here.

Feature Photo – Insomniac

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