Subtronics Has Released His Debut Album, ‘Fractals’

Subtronics, real name Jesse Kardon, has released his long-awaited debut LP, FRACTALS. The celebrated producer and DJ has been teasing the album for months, and it has finally landed.

Over the last few years, Kardon has proven to be a force within dubstep. Sonically honoring his predecessors like the deep rumbling bass of Skream and the sawtooth synths of Excision while curating a sound that fits the modern scene. FRACTALS harnesses those influences along with Kardon’s own prowess for hit-making that lead to standouts like “Griztronics” and “Nuclear Bass Face.”

“Cyclops Rocks” is pure dubstep adrenaline while “Flute Dub” implements subtlety and intricacies that so often elude electronic music producers, proving intensity and volume are not synonymous. The album also sees Kardon expand out of dubstep and into genres like bass house and beat music on tracks like “FUNcKED” and “Hieroglyph,” respectively.

“Putting such a huge project out there, something that I’ve been working on for well over a year is kind of terrifying… I have definitely evolved and grown with my sound design and I am beyond excited to share FRACTALS with everyone,” says Kardon.

Listen to FRACTALS  by Subtronics in full below.

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