This Guy Took His Parents To Burning Man … And Filmed All Of It

For many, Burning Man is more than just a festival. It’s a way of life. For one man, named Bry, it was his place to be free. After going to Catholic school and years of religious camps, Bry went to Burning Man and found his new “home.” He wanted to show his parents firsthand just what life is like on The Playa. Bry documented everything for his film, “Taking My Parents to Burning Man.” You will see everything that went in to planning the trip, camp set-up and how his parents adjusted to this one-of-a-kind world. The movie puts a new spin on the term “family time.”

The film won the Audience Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival, Maui Film Festival, Red Rock Film Festival and Borrego Springs Film Festival. See it for yourself and see why it’s so special.

You can find out more about the movie here:

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