Tao Group Rumored To Purchase Hakkasan

There has been recent speculation over the idea of Tao Grop purchasing Hakkasan. The speculation stems from the COVID-19 pandemic and other internal dilemmas which has allowed for Tao Group to be rumored to be linked with the idea of purchasing Hakkasan. The two Las Vegas nightlife powerhouses have suffered greatly because of the pandemic; not being able to host events at full capacity or have events at all, has likely hurt both groups financially in some way or another.

Hakkasan has laid off a total of 1,600 employees according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, as a result of the pandemic and the President and CFO of Hakkasan has also recently stepped down from his position and instead has taken another position within the company. It is not clear why.

It would seem that the stage is set for Tao Group to purchase Hakkasan but perhaps these are just speculations. I guess we’ll wait and see.

Feature Photo – Tao Group
Source – Las Vegas Review-Journal

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