UK Music Streaming Hits All Time High During Lockdown

It has been debated that this year’s streaming services analytics would likely show a dramatic increase from last year’s numbers, but it was never clear by what it would amount to.  The BPI (British Phonograph Industry) reported that in the past 12 months, music streaming throughout the United Kingdom had hit an all-time high. Not only have the numbers hit an all-time high, but they had beat out last year’s streaming numbers by around 25.1 billion; ultimately making this year the biggest year in both streaming and growth within the UK’s streaming services.

The monumental increase in streaming services is believed to have been caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic and individuals’ inability to leave their homes. This consistency can be seen not only in music streaming numbers but also in TV streaming services. The BPI reported that nearly 200 UK artists are averaging 200m streams a year with the top streaming artists being Lewis Capaldi and Dua Lipa, to name a few.

The streaming services industry is continuing to grow as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which is resulting in industry leaders receiving new record numbers. It will be exciting to see how the streaming services industry will continue to grow and develop both domestically and internationally this year.

Feature Photo – Getty Images
Sources – BPI & Financial Times

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