T’Challa King Releases Mesmorizing Single, “Space Mountain”

T’Challa King recently released the mellow single, “Space Mountai.” The hit builds up with low-fi beats and soothing spanglish lyrics from T’Challa. The song then builds up with soft sirens, melodic piano, and dream-like sounds that will make listeners feel like they are floating in the clouds. King then closes out “Space Mountain” with guitar rifts that will have the audience hypnotized. 

T’Challa King started his rise in the EDM community after the release of his album King back in 2020. Since then, the Southern California-based producer has dived deeper into the electronic music world and created multiple funky mixes, including two volumes of his “King of the World” house mix and the hit “Dancing All Night.” T’Challa incorporates aspects of funk and disco in his music, as well as the piano, guitar, and heavy bass undertones, giving him a unique and diverse sound throughout his songs. “Space Mountain” is proof of T’Challa’s groovy beats and we are excited to hear what else the up-and-coming artist has to offer.

Listen to “Space Mountain” below:


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