Deadmau5 Announces “Mau5trap Live”, TESTPILOT Pay-Per-View Event

As it’s looking more and more likely that live large-scale events will not be returning for some time, the dance music industry is adjusting to these challenging times.

Whether through drive-in events, or live streams, the dance industry has gotten pretty creative. Some of the live stream events like Tomorrowland’s,  have really taken the music to the next level with innovative and engaging technologies.

Deadmau5 is the latest artist to embrace this new way of living until live events return. Deadmau5 has announced “” which will feature original content on his own platform/network. Announced today, the first show will be on September 4 and will be a 2-hour TESTPILOT set. Deadmau5 will charge $10 USD for the stream. Deadmau5 is now one of the bigger artists pursuing a clear pay-per-view format.

Gareth Emery offered this earlier in the year but was met with a lot of criticism. Now months into the pandemic, it has been clear that artists and the industry needs support. Only time will tell if this pay-per-view model will last beyond the pandemic, but for now, it’s one way to support artists and the community.

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