The Netherlands Is The Latest Country To Move Towards Lifting All COVID-19 Restrictions

The government of The Netherlands has confirmed they will begin to lift all restrictions related to COVID-19. This shift in policy comes after seeing hospitalizations remain steady throughout the nation after the major surge in positive cases.

“The country will open up again … happily we are in a different phase now,” health minister Ernst Kuipers said.

Starting Friday, February 18, bars and restaurants will be allowed to remain open until 1AM instead of 10PM according to a report from Reuters. By the following Friday, February 25, normal closing hours will resume barring any further complications.

All social distancing is expected to be dropped at the end of the month as well, with visitors still being required to present vaccination status or a negative test.

The report did not make specific mention of nightclubs, however, if restrictions surrounding social distancing and closure times are completely lifted, nightclubs should be able to operate fully.

The music community of The Netherlands has been incredibly vocal about returning to standard procedures. Going so far as to predicate nationwide marches and operating in defiance of government restrictions.

Featured image by Mickey Welsh

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