Toadface Gets Wompy With His Latest Single: “Cardboard”

Ohio-based experimental bass producer Toadface is always pushing the envelope when it comes to the wubs. Todd Holler, better known as, Toadface, comes in full speed with his latest single “Cardboard,” released on WAKAAN.

Holler has made a space for himself in the bass community by bringing that “you just never know” element to his sound realm. Although his tracks always consist of wonky and deep bass, the tempo could change on you at any point keeping listeners on their feet the whole time.

Holler has been Honing his own sound “swampy bass,” since 2011 when he discovered producing. He told Bassrush in an interview once that “I think my music stays true to myself and that’s why it has a consistent vibe; because it’s who I am. I grew up going canoeing down the Miami river so I think growing up that way has influenced the overall swampiness of my personality.”

A kind of dark energy sinks deep down with trickles of bass in his latest single “Cardboard.” Holler is credited for being able to produce drawn-out basslines and make them sound upbeat and lively at the same time, truly staying centered on his love of experimental rhythms.

Listen to Toadface’s latest single “Cardboard” on Wakaan here

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