TomorrowWorld Unveils This Year’s Stage Designs

It’s finally September which only means one thing — TomorrowWorld!

In just a few short weeks, one of the most highly regarded festivals of the year is making it’s mesmerizing return for the third time to the beautiful and enchanting forests of Chatahoochee Hills, Georgia.

If you’ve never been to TomorrowWorld, add it to your bucket list. Known for it’s immersive and stunning stage productions, TomorrowWorld is a festival that truly lives up to the hype and embraces a full 360-degree experience that only dreams are made of.

To get ready for it’s mega return, TomorrowWorld today unveiled all 9 of this year’s stage designs, many of which have been brought overseas from the flagship Tomorrowland festival in Belgium. TomorrowWorld also unveiled the official trailer for this year’s festival.

This year will see the debut of a floating ‘Boat stage’ which will live on the beautiful lakes of Chatahoochee Hills. Take a look at the trailer and the new stage designs down below as we get ready to unlock “They Key to Happiness” at TomorrowWorld 2015!

The Key to Happiness Stage (main stage)

The Mythical Frames

Forest Stage

House of Books

Boat Stage

Wind Stage

Grand Theatre

The Gathering

Icon Stage

TomorrowWorld 2015 Trailer

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