UK Government Extends COVID-19 Restrictions Four Weeks

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Under these restrictions: sports, pubs and cinemas would open, but nightclubs would remain closed

For months, the UK has been planning on fully re-opening by June 21. Now, various government officials have informed the BBC that the country will be delaying it’s re-opening phase an additional four weeks to allow people the opportunity to receive vaccinations and second doses. The decision to extend the countries COVID-19 restrictions also stems from rising cases discovered in India of the COVID-19 variant known as Delta.

Delaying the countries final re-opening stage would allow the UK to further examine the various effects of the Delta variant and to determine the link “between infections and hospitalizations.” It is being reported that the most intense cases in the UK have come from unvaccinated people or people that have only received one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Delaying the countries final re-opening stage would also mean that the countries nightclubs and event companies would have to postpone all events already scheduled within the extended timeframe.

According to BBC, various nightclubs in the UK have already spent millions on events that would have occurred after June 21 and within the 4 week extended time frame. If the extension is approved (and it is looking like it will be) the effects on nightclubs may be ‘catastrophic’ and could possibly have a greater financial impact compared to the first time the country was locked down.

Whether or not the country has plans to lift the four-week extension at any point is unclear at this time.

Source – BBC

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