Watch A Man Snorkel Into Ultra And Get Rewarded With A VIP Ticket

Many realizations are arising in the aftermath of Ultra Music Festival 2022, but one that is rather amusing is the story of Jack Davidson, who snorkeled his way into the event.

Yes that’s right. Davidson used the festival’s waterfront location to his advantage, donned a full scuba suit and attempted to swim his way into Ultra. Considering that Ultra has been around for over 20 years, security and police were certainly prepared for this.

There were numerous security boats patrolling the perimeter in addition to guards on land observing the water. Eventually, security halted Davidson’s advance, pulled him from the water, and brought him to shore.

While he certainly could have been arrested for his efforts, he was thrilled to find out he was to be awarded a Saturday VIP pass.

The Tik Tok below shows Davidson’s whole journey, which includes him wearing his scuba suit in VIP enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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Featured image by Rukes

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