MEUTE Is The Techno Marching Band Performing At Coachella 2022

Here at EDM Maniac, we generally take the position that house and techno are, in fact, EDM. EDM stands for “electronic dance music.” House and techno are genres of dance music that are practically always produced with technology, produced electronically. One of the few times techno has departed from the electronic sphere is through the band MEUTE.

MEUTE is an 11-piece marching band from Hamburg, Germany that plays techno. Yes, this band plays techno with instruments most commonly seen alongside floats in the Rose Parade on during college football halftime shows . Originally forming back in 2016, the group has shared numerous releases including two full-length albums, Puls and Tumult.

This month, the band will perform both Fridays of Coachella as well as a headlining performance at LA’s Mayan Theater on Monday, April 18. They also have a new album called TAUMEL coming out later this year. Check out a video of the band performing “Infinite,” a new single from the upcoming album, below to see what’s in store at Coachella.

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