Watch Anyma Of Tale Of Us Use An NFT For Live Show Visuals

The cultural relevance of NFTs is inescapable. The function and definition of “Non-Fungible Token” may still be a mystery to many, but the artistic community around the world has fully embraced the new form of media.

DJs and dance music artists are a part of that community and many are integrating NFTs into their output. Sven Väth, deadmau5, and ZHU are just three of the major players in the dance scene who are going all-in on the crypto-driven market.

Recently, Anyma, one-half of the masterful melodic techno duo Tale of Us, utilized NFTs in another exciting new way: as tour visuals. Tale of Us just hosted their Afterlife party at Zamna, Tulum, and one of the most chilling moments of Anyma’s set was when he used his NFT of “The Pact” as visuals at the show.

Like many NFT’s, both the music and the visuals are part of the piece of non-fungible art. A centerpiece in the conversation around moving events forward is visuals. As NFTs become more and more viable, soon fans will be as familiar with the visuals as they are with the music. When they hear a track building up, they will know one specific visual is coming, too. Adding an extra layer of connection to the performance.

Check out a snippet of Anyma using his NFT visuals at Afterlife Tulum below:


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