Watch Eli & Fur’s Exquisite Live Concert Film ‘Found In The Wild: Live”

British alternative dance duo Eli & Fur are putting together a film for their new live show. For one night on Wednesday July 28, they will perform tracks from their debut live album Found In The Wild in a beautiful forest environment. This will be the first time the duo has ever done a live show and their only live show of 2021.

Where the duo would traditionally DJ alongside live vocals during their sets, now they will be manning all sorts of instruments. Guitars, synths, keys, percussion, and more.

“We are so excited to announce our live film for Found In The Wild. We have wanted to put together a live show for a long time now but never had the time away from touring to do so. Through our time in lockdown, we have been creating and rehearsing this live movie and we are so excited to finally share it with you all!! It’s a big moment for us and we cannot wait for you to see us perform these album songs live. It’s very special to be able to bring our fans from different parts of the world together to share in watching it for the first time! We really hope you all enjoy it!” – Eli & Fur

There are three opportunities watch this one of a kind performance. An Australia Viewing, a Europe viewing, and a North America Viewing. Get tickets for all three here. Standard tickets come with access to the live show film. VIP tickets give you access to the film and a virtual Q&A with girls where they will be answering questions live.

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