7 Ways Oregon Eclipse Will Be Different From Any Other Festival

As more and more festivals enter the market, every one of them is trying to stand out. Now that so many festivals are going under (Mysteryland, Tommorowworld, etc.), festivals that don’t separate themselves from the herd are likely to meet the same fate sooner rather than later.

To some promoters this is a harrowing task. After all, festivals all follow a similar formula. So to really be different from the hundreds of other events happening all over the globe isn’t easy. Plenty of festivals have speakers and workshops now, and there more than a few options for parties on a boat.

In truth, the ability to consistently up the ante on festivals despite the expanding market is what makes a great promoter. One promoter who fits this description goes by the name of Symbiosis.

Putting excellent and unique festivals is the number one concern for Symbiosis. Even if they have to wait three years to put on a new event.

Their most recent offering to the world goes by the name of Oregon Eclipse, and this festival will be unlike any other. Here’s how.

1. Location

Symbiosis excels at finding new and exciting locations. For Oregon Eclipse they locked down Big Summit Prairie. Residing in the Ochoco Mountains in central Oregon, Big Summot prairie features 55,000-acres of flat campgrounds, a 52-acre lake for swimming, and every stage, installation, and interactive environment is surrounded by trees. You can look at pictures on the official website

2. Hot Air Balloons

Yes you read that right. Oregon Eclipse will offer hot air balloon rides on site. There are two options for balloon rides. You can choose a tethered ride, which lasts about six minutes. You can also choose a scenic ride which lasts 45 minutes and gives you a view of the entire venue and the miles of pure wilderness beyond.

3. Elemental Alchemy

This aspect of the fest isn’t specific to Oregon Eclipse, but all Symbiosis events. For a nominal fee, attendees are allowed to enter the site five days early to participate in a series of intensive workshops. These days most festivals get caught up in the music and the fun, but many of these festivals were founded on learning first. Elemental Alchemy brings Symbiosis back to its roots by removing music from the equation and offering classes on multiple topics instead. Visual art, ritual performance, and yoga are just a few. The price of the ticket also includes three meals a day. Not a bad deal.

4. Collaborations

I’ve been referring to Oregon Eclipse as a Symbiosis event, but in reality it is much more than that. 14 other festivals will be pooling their efforts with Symbiosis for this legendary event. They are as follows: Bass Coast, Beloved, Envision, Hadra, Lightning in a Bottle, Noisily, Origin, Ometeol, Rainbow Serpent, Re:Birth, Sonic Bloom, Science and Non Duality, Universal Parallelo, and of course Symbiosis. That’s pretty epic right there. It’s like you’re attending all of these festivals in one.

5. 7 Music Stages

Like most mindfulness gatherings, Oregon Eclipse is not a music festival. That doesn’t mean the lineup isn’t impressive because it is. In fact, it goes far beyond “impressive.” What separates Oregon from other festivals is the way the music is arranged. There are seven different stages, all of which offer a unique sound. Check out the lineups for each here

6. Isolation

A great festival always helps attendees escape reality. For a few days people forget about their troubles and reconnect with themselves. Instead of looking at their phones all day, they look at beautiful art and (if you can believe it) the people around them. Well, at Oregon Eclipse there will be no reason to look at your phone because there is no cell service; none at all. There is 16 miles between the venue and any civilization in any direction. For a week everyone will be engulfed in an environment free from distraction. Plus, the level isolation means loud music all night long.

Pro Tip: For those planning to attend, consider buying a set of walkie-talkies for communication.

7. A Total Solar Eclipse

There are plenty of festivals that use the word “eclipse” in their title. This is probably because an eclipse is cosmic in nature. To say that all fests involve some level of cosmic alignment is valid. Things happen at festivals as a result of millions of elements coming together. However, Oregon Eclipse stands alone because it features an actual eclipse. An entire section of the venue is called the “Eclipse Viewing Area.” There won’t be another total solar eclipse in the northwestern United States for 28 years. Some would call that once-in-a-lifetime

Cover Photo courtesy of Symbiosis

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