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Everything You Need To Know About Insomniac’s White Wonderland 2014

2014 has been an awe-inspiring year for not just dance music worldwide but for the team here at EDM Maniac. Without you, the supporters and avid readers we would not be where we are now as we have grown tremendously over the year. As the New Year’s Eve tradition continues year after year, the EDM Maniac team is proud to return once again to the Anaheim Convention Center for the one and only White Wonderland 2014 presented by Insomniac Events. Ever since the launch of this all white dress code event back in 2011, Insomniac’s has reunited people from all parts of the world for a world-class celebration to close off the old year and start with the new. Incorporating a state-of-the-art production alongside a full diverse artist lineup, a mind twisting world of white, lights, and sounds awaits your arrival.

Year after year White Wonderland’s all white attire tradition lives on, and this year is no different. Insomniac proclaims that the white attire symbolizes the theme of clean states and fresh starts, an end of the year celebration of this scale symbolizes the rejuvenation of a new beginning. Sticking to the strictly enforced 21+ age policy as opposed to the 18+ age requirement at other events, many attendees have notably mentioned how it plays a huge impact on the crowd and the overall event itself. We can say there is a difference. A more grounded, responsible vibe runs throughout the event as opposed to the inexpert actions and stigma that come attached with a younger crowd. The bars do not have to hesitate about carding every single attendee to verify that they are of required age to drink, a far too often issue found with an underage crowd.

White Wonderland’s event layout brings together a massive crowd within an elaborate  convention center which makes for an intimate yet extremely spacious experience. Far too often, indoor events are crowded to max capacity making for a couple of uncomfortable experiences. At the Anaheim Convention Center, we find the exact opposite as the crowd spills out throughout the venue with enough space to dance and move around freely. Food vendors, bars, a first aid center, and a free water refill station are just some of the many indoor map points that furnish the venue.

This year the Wish Resolution Tree will make its return to White Wonderland. Always a crowd favorite year after year, this art structure serves as a point where everyone writes down a resolution(s) for the new year and hangs them on the string “branches” to signify a new “leaf” of hope. We enjoy the sight of this spectacular symbol and recommend everyone stop by and take a look.

Due to the nature of the venue layout, only one massive stage accommodates this event, and you’ll find an array of performers and aerialists floating above the stage and crowd embracing the love and energy from the gathering of event-goers. LED light panels, confetti & champagne showers, and fake snow are just some of the magical special effects that Insomniac uses to bring to life White Wonderland.


With Insomniac it is no surprise that a fully stacked lineup to close out the year was in order. For this year, we have the honor of witnessing the world renowned Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano alongside electro & progressive house duos Showtek and W&W. Musical trailblazer Laidback Luke & one of the godfathers of trance Armin Van Buuren will add on to the unique musical roster to ring out and ring in the new year. For many attending, witnessing these artists take the stage to relive some of the more intimate moments of the year make for an electrifying experience.

United under one roof for the love of the music, the experience, in all white and closing out the year in a spectacular way; White Wonderland year after year takes the definition of a New Year’s Eve celebration to a new level. We can’t wait to see what this year’s celebration has in store and to ring in the new year with all of you.

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