3 Reasons You Should Be At The DisDance Pod Experience

California is an absolute EDM mecca. Each year, Los Angeles and San Bernardino are showered with raves, which is great for Southern California. However, we noticed that a little bit north of that is not getting as much love. So, when Eclectic Events decided to host their first DisDance Pod Concert experience, we jumped at the chance to be involved.

The DisDance Pod Concert will be held in Fresno, California at Hobbs Grove. Hobbs Grove has been a staple destination in Fresno for special events because of the beautiful nature woven throughout the venue. While it makes for a great Halloween haunt, it’ll make for even better vibes and scenery to party to. While watching live streams at home has been fun, we know we all miss breathing in the fresh crisp air and watching as lasers dance through the sky of a venue.

If you haven’t been to a Pod Experience yet, you probably have a loose idea of what it means. We’ve seen the pictures and heard the stories, but there are still many questions that people have left unanswered. So, we’ve outlined what you should expect and be excited for when you attend the DisDance Pod Concert!

What is the DisDance Pod Concert?

Pod raves have been a staple of dance music culture during the pandemic. It provides a chance to enjoy music and the rave community in person, while also maintaining safe social distancing guidelines. The event is set up like a normal rave, complete with a fully decked-out stage and mind-blowing visuals. What is different is that the crowd of the event is separated into 8 by 10 foot gated areas, each 6 feet apart from the other. Each “pod” is bought as a group package and can have up to 8 guests.

There are four tiers of pods available, so you can decide how close you’d like to be to the stage. We all know the frustration of weaving through the crowd to get to the perfect spot, but one of the biggest perks of the event is that you have your own designated, uncrowded area completely to yourself the whole time. That means an 8 by 10-foot spot, complete with a personal rail, for you and your friends to rage your heart out on. Whether you’re someone who loves to ride the rail or someone who likes to stay back and take in all the stage’s visuals, there’s a perfect pod for you.

This also means that if you want to stop by concessions or take a bathroom break, there’s no struggle with finding your way back to your spot. At the DisDance Pod Concert, we will have concessions available, complete with socially distanced lines to keep you safe.

How can I be sure I’ll actually be safe?

While people are starting to be more adventurous towards the end of the pandemic, health and safety are still a huge concern. It seems too good to be true that there will be hundreds of people dancing the night away at an event while being safe, but it’s completely possible. All crowded areas will be socially distanced, even outside of the pods. Meaning that any lines you are in will have staff working to make sure that you have a safe bubble to operate in. There will also be designated walkways to limit the face-to-face contact you have with strangers.

We are also going to be requiring masks at the event, for all guests and staff. It might seem annoying, but it’s all about keeping your fellow ravers safe and continuing to make raving possible while the world heals. Plus, most of us ravers show up with masks even before the pandemic! We’ve seen some pretty awesome decorated masks at the events, some groups even make themed masks to wear together.

Before you enter the event, there will also be a team of people checking your temperature and assigning you a wristband specific to your pod. An added safety bonus of having the specific pod is that if we find out that someone in your pod or near your pod has come down with the virus, we can let you know so you can get checked out and make sure you keep your friends and family safe outside of the event.

There will be staff readily available to help you at any point. If you have any questions or concerns, you can head over to anyone working and they will be more than happy to help you out. The purpose of the DisDance Pod Concert is to give you a safe and exciting way to enjoy live music again. You are our number one priority and we want to hear all about how we can make each event even better!

Why Should I Buy a Ticket?

Well, we are glad you asked! The DisDance Pod Concert is the perfect way to get your festival fix and get back in the groove of raving. The production value of the stage and total event is incredible, complete with lasers, massive speakers, and blinding visuals. Plus, the lineup. WOW. You could get to see BOOMBOX CARTEL, STUCA, Gawm, and FS for a fraction of the cost of a regular festival.

While a pod is an odd concept, there are certainly a lot of perks that come with it. You get your own space to vibe in, whatever that means to you. You can dance all night, sit down and chill out, or even make your own hang banging circle. There’s the freedom that comes with having your own personal space. You can totally unload and not have to worry about carrying a heavy hydro pack or extra warm clothing for the walk home all night. By being in a gated area, you can leave all of your items on the ground and not have to worry about anyone stepping on them or stealing them.

But the best reason to attend the DisDance Pod Concert is that it was completely made for you. We know how difficult this year has been, and we’ve watched our community pull together to become stronger and more loving than ever. We want to create a safe and exciting way to celebrate all the strength the community has shown over the past year. So come join us and celebrate the incredible artists and even more incredible ravers that have kept raving alive!

Tickets for the April 17th, DisDance Pod Concert at Hobbs Grove linked here.

Featured photo by Eclectic Events

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