‘Corona Test Festivals’ To Begin In The Netherlands

Fieldlab Events has joined forces with ID&T and Mojo in order to start organizing corona testing festivals. The location of these testing festivals will be on the grounds of Defqon.1 in Biddinghuizen (Netherlands). Fieldlab Events plans on having two corona testing festivals throughout March, each with 1,500 attendees3,000 in total between the two testing festivals. At the festival, there will be various visitors who will be collecting data and information about the attendee’s behavior and various health risks and threats that may arise throughout the duration of the festival. The festival will have all the amenities a normal festival would, including food trucks and a full-scale lineup.

Before and after each event, visitors will have to hand in a negative COVID-19 test. Doing so would allow each visitor to proceed through the festival in phases, thus implementing a very precise and thorough festival testing method. A mask is mandatory but other than that visitors have free reign to roam about the festival as they please. Fieldlab Events had previous intentions of conducting earlier studies, but they were not able to due to curfews and the extension of lockdown. The festival starts at 15:00 and will last into the early hours of the evening.

Visit Fieldlab Events website for more information.

Feature Photo – Joey Timmer
Source – Hard News

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