4 Strategies Bassheads Can Use To Survive A Weekend Of Headbanging

With Forbidden Kingdom and many other dubstep filled festivals just around the corner, broken necks and sore bodies are likely to affect many ravers.  As painful or tired your neck may be after a long weekend of headbanging, many riddim-lovers fight through the pain in the name of bass music and continue to rage.

Finding a way to maintain a healthy and happy body can be difficult during festival season, but here are some items one can pack to help make a weekend of raging slightly less painful.

IcyHot For Maximum Performance

IcyHot is great to keep back in the hotel roon or have on hand in a camelback or backpack. After hours of headbanging, your neck can get tight and fill with tension. IcyHot helps relieve some of the pain and loosen it up. This was definitely a life-saver at Lost Lands and helped get a lot of attendees through multiple days of neck-breaking activity.

Massage Guns and Foam Rollers

Massage guns are great to pack and are compact enough to carry with you in a backpack or keep at camp. Massaging your back, legs, or neck are great after a long day of dancing, moshing, and exploring a festival. Foam rollers are also useful for breaking up the tension in the body after a long day of raging. Getting out any knots and kinks to ensure a long-lasting and pain-free festival weekend can be done with both a foam roller or massage gun.

Ice Packs and Heating Pads

Ice packs are great for breaking down any swelling that may be caused. Feet suffer after tens of thousands of steps, so icing them can be very beneficial. Heating pads are also helpful and promote blood flow to make stiff limbs or necks feel a little bit looser.

Snacks and Hydration

Keeping oneself properly fed and energized is necessary to get through a festival weekend. Hours of exploring a venue and dancing take up a lot of energy, and can cause someone to crash if they are not getting enough nutrients. Little snacks like granola bars, fruits, and gummies are great for concerts because they are portable and easy to eat on the go. Water and hydration are also necessary for a successful day of raging. Headbanging and dancing take a lot out of someone and water is necessary to restore all of that energy.


Written by
Skyler Gee

Hi, I'm Skyler! I live in Arizona and I am a huge Bass head. I also love hardstyle, trance, and techno. I love traveling, lifting weights, camping, painting, running, and just getting to explore the world! Sending PLUR vibes out to all of you :)

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