6 Ways To Make The Most Of This Festival Season

Are you looking to make the most of your 2016 festival season? Are you looking to break the monotony in your pattern of music festival experiences? Or, maybe you’re new to “the scene” and looking for tips on how to enjoy your first music festival? Well, look no further! We’ve got 6 ways for you to insure an enjoyable festival season that you’ll never forget:

1. New Places

If you’re looking to enjoy this festival season in a new way, try going somewhere you haven’t been before. You could check out a lesser-known event, or maybe even one you haven’t had the chance to experience yet. With plenty of new festivals popping up in 2016, there are plenty of destinations to choose from. Maybe another state? Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, how about another country?

2. New Artists

Let’s face it, many of the festivals we’re all so eager to attend do have a lot of the same headliners. This year, step outside your comfort zone and expose yourself to the sounds of artists you may not know. Festivals always have plenty of underground performers, as well as some rising stars! Even if you’ve already heard of them, you never know, sometimes seeing a live performance can completely change your perception of that artist.

3. New Friends

For many of us, attending a festival with our “squad” contributes to most the excitement leading up to an event. And, while partying with those you trust is always smart, making new friends is one of the most priceless perks of a festival experience. There’s an incredible feeling that comes when you feel your energy meet someone else’s and make a connection. Whether it’s trading kandi or bumping into someone near the bathrooms, there’s plenty of opportunities to vibe with fellow festival goers. Whatever events you plan to attend this year, make it a mission at each to make at least one new friend!

4. Branch Out

Music festivals offer exclusive opportunities to see multiple live performances by artists we love and support, but there’s often much more going on than the music. As more and more festivals seem to pop up, many are adding unique features to their experience to make them stand out from the rest. From beachfront stages and after hours options to gravity defying art installations, there’s so much more to a music festival. Take the opportunity to walk around and explore what else these events have to offer!

5. Sober Day

If you’re looking to experience a festival in a different way than you usually do, try going sober. Whether you do it for a day, or for the whole event, the clarity of a sober mind can be a surprisingly exhilarating feeling. Try limiting yourself strictly to alcohol, or if you’re brave enough try going completely clean. Many say that simply being there is enough of a high in itself. Plus, waking up the next morning has to be a hell of a lot easier!

6. Hydrate

Festival season takes place through the warmer parts of the year, and most are scheduled right in the dead of the summer. Wherever you’re planning to go, whatever you’re planning to do, please keep hydrated! Water is your friend, and it can truly be the difference between life and death in extreme heat.

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