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MEDUZA’s Newest Imprint Aeterna Records Launches with a Chart-Topping Debut Release

Hailing from Italy, MEDUZA is a trio consisting of Luca de Gregorio, Mattia Vitale, and Simone Giani that has taken the electronic music...

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SOHMI’s Minimal Pop-Tech Sound Shines Through On “Missin U”

The minimal pop-tech sound embodies the mind and personality of SOHMI, who guides listeners on a journey through a sea of four-on-the-floor elements,...

Festival Report Card

Festival Report Card: Skyline 2023

Factory 93, Insomniac’s admired techno brand, has been showcasing fascinating techno acts and paying homage to the underground warehouse scene since 2016. This...


4 Non-Profits Encouraging Social Well-Being And Safety Within Nightlife And Festivals

As overdoses in the rave community continue to spike, harm-reduction services are taking a stronger role in the scene; doing what they can...


Interview: Fatima Hajji Is A Lover of Heavy Techno, Animals and Silent Moments

With techno having such an impactful presence within dance music, the transmittable sounds of techno producer, record label owner, and DJ Fatima Hajji...


How Discord Is HelpIng Dance Music Communities Stay Connected

During the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone in the world was collectively reminded that community is the backbone of society. We learned to lean on...